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In questa pagina potete scaricare alcuni file contenenti utility o altro realizzate da me.

In this page it's possible to download some files with utilities or other (Sorry for some Italian only instructions).

File Size Description 173 KB Per eseguire SETI@Home come servizio in ambiente NT 85 KB Screen Saver DPMS for Windows NT 4.0 147 KB Driver FAT32 per Windows NT 4.0 e 3.51 225 KB TrueGrid NFS Server for Windows 9x and NT/2000
NT4dx5.exe 2.09 MB DirectX 5 for Windows NT 4 114 KB SSH and SCP for Windows 2.51 MB Official NTP 4.1.1a compiled for Windows NT/2000 2.59 MB Official NTP 4.1.1b compiled for Windows NT/2000 3.81 MB Official NTP 4.1.2 compiled for Windows NT/2000 3.41 MB Official NTP 4.2.0 compiled for Windows NT/2000
Squid_LD2005.pdf 152 KB Slide del mio talk su Squid al Linux Day 2005

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